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Our Services

Leadership Mentoring

We are the one-on-one mentor your leader needs to deliver peak performance and maximize business results. Our mentoring focuses on what most refer to as "soft skills," but what we know are essential skills every leader must have. Leaders learn how to connect with their teams, their bosses and their clients in meaningful ways. They learn how to communicate really well, how to build respect, trust and loyalty, and how to hold themselves and those around them accountable. We assess the leader’s strengths and capabilities, and we work together to drive real, long-lasting growth. We also help individuals looking for professional mentoring to help advance or shift their careers. Sometimes we all need a little extra help or an outsider for gut checks. Contact us for more information about intensive, supportive and consultative mentoring programs!

Training & Workshops

We offer a wide variety of interactive and engaging workplace training programs for both employees and leaders, each customized to meet the needs of the industry and participants. We can also create a program over the course of a few months to a year to build specific skills and drive important workplace concepts, such as communication, trust, emotional intelligence, workplace violence, leadership, harassment/discrimination/retaliation and so on! If it impacts the behavior and performance of your teams, we can help - without putting everyone to sleep! If you’d like to learn how to drive strong workplace relationships to ensure collaboration, innovation, leadership and success, our Frientorship® Workshop might be right for you! Check out frientorship.com to learn more about how to build an amazing workplace culture.

Human Resources Solutions

You might need an independent professional to investigate a workplace concern, especially when it involves a senior leader. Sometimes you need extra help handling the day-to-day human resources questions that arise, especially if your business doesn't have enough (or any) internal HR support. Sometimes your HR leadership team needs a little extra help to get things done or help facilitate strategic planning sessions for your organization. It might be time to revamp your existing HR processes. Maybe it's time to build a better workplace culture. We can assess your current culture and provide you with recommendations and action items. At the end of the day, if you have external HR needs, we can help with everything from day-to-day employee matters to strategic HR support.

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